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We are a nonprofit aimed at educating, empowering and employing military families.

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About us

Why we love to code

Coding is the wave of the future. The tech industry is looking to hire around 1 million people by 2020. We think this is perfect opportunity to learn how to code and get a high paying job. A great free training track is Free Code Camp to learn software development skills. Best thing is this is all free. Why would we do it for free? That is a great question. We feel military members and their families constantly sacrifice their time and energy with limited resources. We want to give back. It is as simple as that. Our goal is to pay it forward. Once you learn coding skills and get a job we asked that you start a meetup and help other military spouses learn how to code.

  • Mission - Teach viable computer and coding skills to military members and their families
  • Skills - HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, API, JSON, and Frameworks.

Take a look at our free services

Web design

Want to build an engaging and responsive web site? Look no futher. We can help you build beautiful wesbites.


Need help learning or want to connect with other military spouses? Learning how to code can be a lonely journey. Join our free supportive learning community and we can connect you with others and get instant help.

Mobile Apps

Do you have a great idea and always wanted an app for it? We can help build your idea to a working mobile app.

Learn how to Code

Free Resources

  • Free Code Camp will give you over 2000+ hours of practice. You can start to learn and help nonprofits and gain work experience.
  • Bento.io everything you need to be a self-taught expert developer. A free curriculum to go from zero to full stack web developer created by professional programmers.
  • OSS University  this is a solid path for those of you who want to complete a Computer Science course on your own time, for free, with courses from the best universities in the World.
  • Code School there are numerous free courses you can take. JavaScript, IOS, Databases, and Ruby to name a few.
  • Codecademy you can learn HTML& CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

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