Redmond, WA

1st Place

Curated career & education recommendations for military spouses

Using the latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) & deep learning machine learning techniques, we curate personalized lists of jobs for military spouses that are ranked by analyzing their resume. Furthermore, we offer recommendations for education resources and a “path of least resistance” to change one’s career and maximize salary gain.

2nd Place

MilSpouse InfoHub

What you needed to know as a military spouse, but nobody told you

What’s an FRG? How do I read my spouse’s LES? What do all those letters mean, anyway??

All of the resources and info you should be aware of, in one easily accessible place. Stop hunting–be in the know.

3rd Place

Pulse check, Connect, Pay it forward

When surveyed, we found correlations among respondents related to variations of common stressors, most strongly linked to “unknowns”. To help combat these stressors and the growing suicide rate amongst veterans and active duty service members, we’ve created a digital/mobile community.

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