MilSpouse Coders Hackathon

November 8-9, 2019

Beginners Welcome

New to coding? No problem! Join a group and offer your non-coding expertise, or join our code-along taught by Code Platoon and learn while you create.


Help mitigate obstacles that military families face!

All About the Military

We welcome anyone to take part, regardless of military affiliation, but each team must have military-affiliated members.


Do I need to know anything about coding or websites to do this?

No, we will walk beginners through all of the steps.

I’m a little more advanced, will I enjoy this?

Yes, there is enough material to learn something new and get ideas for the next steps on your own coding journey.  You will also be able to connect with fellow military coders and those in the tech industry.

Will this cost anything?

General Admission is $10, Online participation is Free.

Do I need to have an Mac computer to be able to code?

No, both Mac or PC computers will work.

Could I destroy/ruin my computer by anything I am going to do during this event?

No, we will walk you through all of the procedures and we are not doing anything that could possibly ruin your computer if done incorrectly.

Will I need to download a program to my computer to attend this event?

Yes, but it’s not a complicated process and you do not need to make your own account! You should have a computer with a webcam and microphone for best participation. You will be sent an email containing a link to the hackathon via Zoom with instructions.

Can I do anything to prepare in advance for this adventure?

Please create your own GitHub account in advance. We will have coaches the day before to assist with that as well and will walk you through that procedure.

Note that you do NOT have to understand how any programs work before the event.  Just having an account and being able to log into it will be enough to give you extra time on event day.

Hackathon Q&A